Focus. Organize. Remember. Communicate. Evaluate.

October 1, 2012

Making Your Work Space Workable

Focus…on absolutes, not possibilities. What tools are needed to complete tasks?  Covering every surface or filling every space with ‘stuff’ that lacks purpose can distract.

Organize…tools needed by relevance and frequency. For example, stocking kitchen cabinets with office supplies does not make sense.  Frequently used tools should be clearly visible and easily accessible. Label tools by name, colors or symbols for quick identification and retrieval.

Remember…that every tool needs a permanent home. Returning tools to their specified place when finished makes them easier to find and less likely to be lost or damaged.

Communicate…with others and explain how your system works. People are more likely to follow processes when expectations are clearly communicated. 

Evaluate…the new system continuously to ensure it works.  Are you more efficient and effective?  Adjust the system as needed.  Haven’t used a tool in the past year?  Consider selling, donating or throwing it away.